OcSEO Plus: One click solution - №1 Complete SEO Solution for OpenCart

  • OcSEO Plus: One click solution - №1 Complete SEO Solution for OpenCart

What does it do?

OcSEO Plus: One click solution - The #1 SEO extension for OpenCart which makes all urls seo-friendly in one click and removes all duplicates. It has its own built-in seo editor, seo generator, redirect manager, 404 error pages logger, 3rd party extensions integration tool. It supports short and long urls, url suffixes.

Main features:

  • All urls become SEO-friendly and unique. It improves your store's SEO.
  • Customizable SEO urls and breadcrumbs. So, you can select different templates for them.
  • Multilingual urls. You can set different SEO keywords for your urls.
  • Pagination type. You can make pagination SEO-friendly.
  • Smart Redirect - redirects visitors to correct pages, if they open old urls.
  • Canonical links on all pages of your store.
  • Cache support. It improves page speed on big store.
  • SEO Editor for editing SEO keywords for all objects ob the OpenCart.
  • SEO Generator - generates SEO urls for products, categories, manufacturers and other pages.
  • Redirect Manager - gives you possibility redirect incorrect/broken/old urls to correct pages.
  • Integration Manager - integrates with SEO 3rd party extensions which do not support SEO urls.
  • Multilingual XML sitemap.


  • All versions of OpenCart and its distributions: 1.4.9-;
  • It does not matter which extensions are installed;
  • It does not matter which theme/template you use;

Additional information:

  • Does not overwrite system files;
  • Only open-source files included;
  • 12 month free support included;
  • Free installation/configuration included;


  1. Download the corresponding zip archive for your opencart version;
  2. Extract the downloaded archive and open the folder named "upload";
  3. Select all folders and upload them into your site's root folder using ftp client;
  4. Open your opencart administration and open the menu "Extensions ->  Modules";
  5. Find the module "OcSEO Plus: One click solution" from the list and install it by clicking on [install] button;
  6. Open the module and enable it;

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